Over the last week, there has been information sent out regarding upcoming events for EYFS and the whole school. Please do keep an eye on your emails for key information about events, especially as we are excited about the ones that involve parents engaging in their child’s learning at school. One event we are particularly looking forward to in EYFS is our Sports Day on Friday 21st May. This special annual event organised by our Sports department is going to be a fun, energetic morning with lots for your child to take part in and you as a parent to support your child, cheering them on. After Sports Day, the EYFS team are delighted to be able to have parents stay in school for a picnic lunch with your child. More information regarding Sports Day will be sent by your child’s Form Tutor in the weekly Friday email.


Was it the chicken or the egg that came first?

Pre-Nursery have been looking at where eggs come from and the simple lifecycle of a hen and duck throughout the week. Using a lovely book ‘The Noisy Egg’ the children have enjoyed using actions to show how a bird lays an egg, then it cracks and out pops a baby bird. The children marveled at a time-lapse video of a real chick being born and thought it was very funny that it was all sticky and wet when it came out of the shell.

There was huge excitement as the week drew to an end as Pre-Nursery identified that we use eggs to cook. With this knowledge, the children looked at different ways people cook eggs and decided which ones they liked. Some of us like boiled eggs, others fried or even a nice dippy egg with toast. But what better than to cook some eggs together as a class, which is what we did! Using real eggs, Pre-Nursery cracked them, whisked them, and cooked them in a microwave to create their own scrambled eggs. Finally, we all had a try- some of us liked the scrambled eggs and some of us were not sure!

Next week we will bring our ‘On the Farm topic’ to a close with ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ and all the vegetables that can be grown on the farm.


Spiders can fly! Spiders can jump! Nursery were amazed to watch real time-lapse films of spiders using their webs to fly and leap like frogs. What a discovery! We learnt all about webs and how they benefit spiders in catching their prey and help us by trapping pesty bugs that might linger in our homes.

Nursery experimented with the power of suction and learnt that spiders have special suction abilities on their feet that help them walk upside down on ceiling and walls- just like Spiderman!

We cleverly weaved a string web and used tin foil to make our very own spider, being careful to count out 8 legs!

Fascinated by the way spiders use their webs to capture the wind to fly and relocate, Nursery explored with sails to propel our boats across the water and caught the wind in the wings of a kite to watch it fly!

Another fascinating journey of discovery about our world this week!


This week Reception have loved learning all about doubles. They first used mirrors to double themselves before doubling objects using our class doubling machine. They wrote out doubling number sentences and showed great memory in recalling lots of doubling facts.

The children learnt about lots of unusual plants including the monkey face flower, dancing girls and how some plants are carnivores, including the Venus flytrap; and got to make their own using a variety of materials.

In phonics Reception learnt a new sound, ‘ow’, and recapped old sounds including ‘sh, ch, th, ng’. They also learnt the tricky word ‘like’ and used it in their writing to write short sentences about what unusual plant they liked the most. Along with this, they had lots of fun using the tricky word cave, using torchlights to try and find all the hidden tricky words we have learnt so far.

This week the school celebrated well-being week and the children discussed what they were thankful for and made a ‘thankful 5 hand’ writing down 5 things they were thankful for in their lives.

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years