This week saw the children in EYFS begin their first topic of the term. The children began their topics full of enthusiasm and eager to learn. The Curriculum Overviews for each topic are now available on Tapestry, these overviews give you an insight into the key learning that your child will be covering during each of the topics. Along with this your child will have regular weekly updates on Tapestry so that you can see what they have been learning across the curriculum.

Pre Nursery

In Pre Nursery this week we began our first topic ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear,’ a story by Eric Carle, who also wrote the popular story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ We have been learning how to put two words together such as brown bear, red bird, yellow duck and white dog. We have been exploring a number of different sensory activities, green frogs in a swamp pit and making bear foot prints in paint. We have also enjoyed learning and making the sounds of the animals that are in our story.


It has been a very busy week in Nursery whilst the children have been introduced to their new topic, ‘People Who Help Us.’ The children learnt about the importance of dentists and worked hard to clean the teeth in our classroom along with brushing their own teeth after lunch each day.

We also learnt about Doctors and Nurses and the children enjoyed learning the song, ‘ Miss Polly Had a Dolly.’ We made our own medical bags, talking about what Doctors need, and Nursery showed their caring nature when taking care of the dolls in our classroom.


What a jam-packed week it has been in Reception. The children have shown fantastic enthusiasm in the first week of their ASA’s.

This week in Literacy, we introduced the children to the story of ‘Beegu’, an alien who becomes lost in space. This coincided perfectly with our new topic, ‘All Around Us’. The children enjoyed role-playing and dressing up as astronauts whilst trying to find Beegu. We also began our Phonics lessons this week; concentrating on the letters, ‘s’ and ‘a’, learning the sounds, singing songs and searching the classroom for ‘s’ and ‘a’ words.

Patterns were the focus of our Maths lessons this week. The children used various equipment such as bead strings, puzzles, the interactive whiteboard and finger paints to make their own patterns and complete ones already made. They also developed their fine motor skills by cutting and gluing different shapes to make a rocket.

In Topic the children continued to develop their imagination and creative skills by making their own alien and a spaceship for their alien. We were all very impressed with their creativity.