The second half of the Spring term has begun with our Parent Teacher meetings in EYFS. I do hope the meetings you have all had with your child's teacher has been informative and useful, supporting you in knowing how your child is achieving and progressing at school. As teachers it is important for us to be able to share in your child's education so we can continually work in collaboration with all our parents, ensuring the best outcomes for every child. Please do check Tapestry this weekend as class teachers will have uploaded your child's Spring targets discussed in this week's meetings, along with Spring Term 2 curriculum overviews.

In class EYFS children are excited to have begun their new topics. Over the next 6 weeks, Pre-Nursery will continue their journey through Nursery Rhymes. Nursery are delighting in the wordplay of rhyming and Reception are revelling in the creative stories written by Julia Donaldson.

As we move towards Spring the weather is beginning to turn warmer with more Spring rain. Please ensure your child has a raincoat and wellington boots in school each day. Having these key outdoor clothing items means your child will be able to explore nature and use our outdoor learning environment daily, no matter what the weather!

Please continue to read on to see the exciting things that have been taking place in each year group.

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years


Up and down, up and down and up and down we go! Pre-Nursery have been looking at the rhyme 'Jack and Jill' and learning all about going up and down the hill. We have been carefully practising our balancing skills as we walk up and down stairs around the school, making sure we hold onto the rail.

While learning the rhyme the children have been making great connections between Jack's bumped head and Humpty Dumpty. They noticed that both of them fall and now have very sore heads!

Through the concept of collecting water in the pail (bucket) Pre-Nursery have delighted in capacity work this week. We have had lots of fun filling buckets full of rice and then emptying them. A wonderful hands-on approach to learning.


Fox has lost his socks! Nursery have enjoyed using their language of preposition to describe where they have found Fox's socks. We have investigated items that look the same and formed pairs. The children described socks that looked the same and those that looked different and cleverly made pairs.

We got busy using our fine motor skills hanging socks onto our outdoor clothesline and named clothing items from our story while sorting and folding some freshly cleaned washing. Nursery are now taking good care of themselves, removing items of clothing when feeling hot and dressing in a jacket when feeling cold. We are making decisions for ourselves and using our developing independence to access things we need and can confidently ask an adult for help.

Nursery are excited about the onset of Spring and we have had much fun moving our bodies into blooming flowers and ensuring the plants in our room have plenty of sunlight and water to grow and thrive this season.

We enjoyed singing along to the days of the week and know that our weekends are family time…no school!


What a wonderful first week we have had back in Reception. The children have very much enjoyed the introduction to our new topic 'Julia Donaldson'. This week we read the story of The Gruffalo. The children thought of some very interesting adjectives to describe the different characters and worked hard to retell the story and also made a Gruffalo of their own!

During Maths this week we developed our knowledge of finding half. We began the week by finding half of a 'shape cake' before moving on to finding half of a group of objects. It was so much fun!