It may have been very rainy this week, but the weather and the shorter week has not stopped the enthusiasm of the children in Early Years this week. It was wonderful to see all of the children supporting ‘Jeans for Genes Day’ in school today and we are very much looking forward to our Fairytale Day next Friday!

Please enjoy our EYFS article and photographs from the week. There has been lots of engaging, stimulating learning in classes which all the EYFS children have enjoyed.

Pre Nursery

This week Pre-Nursery continue with their topic ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ where we have been consolidating our understanding of the sounds each animal makes in the book while introducing the key animal names. Alongside our animal name and sound fun, we have been exploring our creative side by creating our own bear, dog and duck handprints using our hands and painting our feet to create bear footprints whilst stomping along large pieces of paper outside!


What a busy few days we have had in Nursery! We have been learning all about the post and how letters and parcels are delivered. The children worked very sensibly to write ‘Thank You’ letters, carefully putting these in envelopes and remembering to add an address and stamp so that they would get delivered correctly. The children developed their number recognition when sorting letters by house number and delivered them to the correct houses.

We also enjoyed learning the rhyme, ‘A Tisket, A Tasket,’ the children were keen to act out the rhyme, accidentally dropping their letters! They then made their own green and yellow baskets and letters for people who are special to them.


After an extended weekend, Reception children returned to school with huge smiles on their face and stories to tell their teachers.

We continued with our Phonics lessons, this week choosing to focus on letters ‘t’ and ‘p’. We were super impressed with the children’s listening, writing and vocabulary. The children participated in a range of activities, including making and decorating their own tiger and parrot masks. Shapes were the focus in Maths this week. The children enjoyed going on a shape hunt around the classroom, using various shapes to make a class picture, singing the ‘shapes’ song and playing some shape matching games on our Interactive whiteboard. In our Topic lessons, we continued learning about the world around us and chose to focus on planets this week. We sang the ‘planets’ song, pretended we were astronauts visiting different planets and created our own solar system pictures, even managing to put the planets in the correct order. What a busy and fun few days!