It is of high importance here at Britannica that we as a school can work closely and collaboratively with parents to ensure that your child is at the centre of all that we do. This week was a lovely example of this as we had our transition presentations with Reception and Nursery parents. Together, we were able to share how your child will be supported in their next academic year at Britannica and what can be expected within the coming months for your child. Miss Mustoe and I hope you found the presentations informative, useful and gave you a greater understanding of your child’s next steps. If you were unable to make the event, we will be sharing all the PowerPoint presentations with parents.

Looking to future events such as Sports Day, we look forward to collaborating more with parents to enrich your child’s school experience.

Please do take a look at the exciting learning taking place in class this week below.


Where’s my mummy?

It has been a hunt this week for all the baby animals on the farm down in Pre-Nursery. The children have been using the large toy farm animals to match up mummy and baby and learning some new names along the way. We have had fun playing matching games on the interactive whiteboard and ran around the classroom ticking off all the baby animals we could find.

Alongside this, we have enjoyed learning more about farm life through the book ‘Who’s on the Farm?’ by Julia Donaldson, using our previous learning to identify who is in the barn or the coop.

It has been wonderful to see how interested Pre-Nursery are about farm life and we can not wait to venture more into our ‘On the Farm’ topic.


Nursery have continued their exploration of their wondrous worlds by following the lifecycle of a frog. The children were amazed while watching a time-lapse video of the metamorphosis we can witness in the natural world, much like the changes we observed in the caterpillar to butterfly.

The children have had many opportunities to share their ideas and discuss the changes they have observed using sequential language skills. We have learnt new words and explored the habitats and ecosystems that makeup pond life. Nursery got busy collecting suitable natural items to build a frog habitat and enjoyed using a step-by-step art process to draw some lovely frogs of our own. We programmed our Bee-bots on paths to escape a hungry frog and enjoyed coding these wonderfully, entertaining technical toys.

To develop our gross motor skills, we leapt like frogs and measured the distance travelled. Nursery marveled at the adaptations the frog has to his body to support amphibian life and enjoyed trying to draw webbed feet. We enjoyed the amazing ability of frogs to catch their prey with their long sticky tongues and were surprised to discover that Frogs eat bugs! They are slimy and croak!

Next week we continue our journey all about minibeasts and explore the amazing world of spiders! A creepy, crawly week ahead!


This week was yet another busy and fun-filled week in Reception. In Literacy we transformed into amazing authors inventing our own stories based on ‘The Enormous Turnip,’ the children had some wonderful ideas and enjoyed sharing these with their friends.

In Maths, we consolidated our understanding of capacity carefully measuring different liquids to create some magical potions. We also developed our understanding of money by finding different ways to make different amounts in our Reception Flower Shop.

During topic, we were worked skillfully as artists recreating a garden based on Monet’s ‘Garden at Giverny,’ we were very impressed with their paintings!

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years