It was wonderful to share the learning of the children this week during Parent-Teacher meetings. We are very proud of all the progress that each child has made and now look forward to supporting the children to achieve their next steps. Next Friday the children will have the opportunity to dress up as we have a fun Halloween theme day planned, with lots of exciting activities!


This week we have been bringing our ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ topic to an end. To extend the children’s learning of ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’, Pre- Nursery have been using voice recorders to record themselves making animal noises and naming the animals from the story. Along with this, the children have been learning to express themselves through music by exploring musical instruments whilst singing along to ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’.


It has been a busy week in Nursery learning all about, ‘The Farm.’ The children enjoyed learning about all of the animals and the different jobs on a farm. We had lots of fun making different animals in creative ways and developed our vocabulary whilst describing them. Nursery sang ‘Old Macdonald Had a Farm,’ very well and helped the farm animals to correctly count pompoms. The children looked after the animals in our Small World Farm and developed their Fine Motor Skills whilst making some very impressive necklaces.


We are so impressed with Reception’s phonics and can’t believe they are already blending sounds to make words. This week we focused on the letters, ‘m’ and ‘d’; completing various writing and drawing activities to develop the children’s self-expression and written skills. We also read the story, “The Little Red Hen”, with the children then choosing a character and acting out the story. We had lots of fun being different animals. We began a new topic; Food Around the World and chose to focus on fruit this week. The children learnt all about exotic fruit from various countries and used their creativity to make a fruit inspired picture with tissue paper. Our Maths lessons were all about data handling. Coinciding with our ‘fruit’ topic, we all talked about our favourite fruit and then introduced the children to pictograms and bar charts. They absolutely loved carrying out their own research by asking each other ‘What’s your favourite fruit?’ and making their own pictogram, which they later turned into a bar chart. What an exciting week in Reception!