EYFS has been filled with lots of fun activities this week, the children have all been exploring pumpkins and other natural materials. It was wonderful to see all of the children dressed up in their costumes this morning and they all enjoyed taking part in our EYFS Halloween Hunt! Reception were very sensible when helping the children in Pre-Nursery and Nursery to find the hidden treasures. The children all also enjoyed using delicious fruits to make their own Monster Kebabs before completing fun activities in their classes.


Our topic changed this week to, ‘Me and My Senses,’ the children started to learn all about themselves and what their bodies can do. We have been learning the vocabulary for our bodies and learning how to name the parts of our body in English. We have been singing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and using playdoh the children have been creating faces. We’ve also had fun drawing around each other to see a body template. Along with our new topic, we have been celebrating Halloween. We have been looking and exploring pumpkins inside and out, singing Halloween songs and having fun painting pumpkins and making sparkly spider webs.


This week Nursery transformed into wonderful Wizards and it was so much fun! We enjoyed spending time in our outdoor classroom whilst reading the story of, 'Room on the Broom.' Together we identified the rhyming words before collecting natural materials to make our Wizard Wands. Back in class we learnt the song, '5 Little Pumpkins,' and used lots of expression when acting out how the different pumpkins felt, we also counted our own pumpkins.


This week we have continued our learning in the spirit and theme of Halloween.

In our Phonics lessons we focused on the sounds, ‘d’ and ‘g’. The children found different words that contain these sounds and had a go at blending these sounds with sounds we have already learnt to make different words.

During our Maths lessons we started learning how to tell the time. The children first thought about why time is important for many of our daily tasks such as waking up, going to bed and catching a bus on time. They observed the features of clocks, such as the difference between the hands and the 12 numbers we see. We hope the children should be able to recognise O’ clock times and talk about some of the regular daily events that happen at different times, such as lunch at 12 o’clock. One of our activities took place outside, where we timed races with a stopwatch. They thoroughly enjoyed this and were keen to break their own records!

We introduced the children to Halloween; where this festivity comes from and its customs. Today, we had a wonderful Halloween celebration at school! All the children participated in multiple activities throughout the day, including; mummy wrapping their friends with toilet paper, a scavenger hunt with the younger children, pumpkin carving, and stem activities involving fruits.