We have had a wonderful start to this academic year in Primary. The children have been incredibly enthusiastic and excited to meet their teachers, classmates and return to learning, and the staff have been as equally keen to get to know their classes.

Across the school, the children have been settling into their new classrooms and routines and getting to know more about each other and their teachers. It has been fantastic to see so many happy faces and hear so many inquisitive questions.

In Key Stage assemblies, the children had the opportunity to find out more about their form teachers as they tried to match unusual and interesting facts with each teacher. I wonder whether you can guess which teacher is trained to deal with bears? Or which teacher has been to every Disneyland in the world? Or which teacher went five years without eating any chocolate?!

As well as finding out more about each other and setting personal goals for ourselves, the children have been demonstrating their knowledge and skills in their learning. From writing descriptions of settings to reports about their holidays, to number and place value in maths to painting and drawing using observational skills.

If we continue the year in the same manner as we have done this week, it really is going to be a brilliant year!