This week parents had the opportunity to meet with their child’s Form Teacher. Although, we were only able to hold these meetings online due to the current restrictions, I hope you found it helpful to hear about the routines and expectations within your child’s new year group and class.

At Britannica, it is really important for us to collaborate with our families and in the next two weeks we have more opportunities for parents to meet their child’s Mandarin teachers and find out about the curriculum as well as times for our native language learners’ families to meet with their language teachers.

Collaboration is also important within school and this week our Key Stage assemblies celebrated teamwork and our House system; the students enjoyed taking part and competing in various activities within their Houses and gained a better understanding of the importance of teamwork.

Classwork has seen students consolidating their place value knowledge in Maths using concrete materials, pictorial representation, words and numbers which in turn is helping the students to solve reasoning problems. Year 3 were introduced to their new topic ‘The Stone Age’ through a deserted island task in which they discussed essential items needed for survival, while Year 2 have begun their History unit by exploring why people are significant and how people can make positive impacts upon the world around us. Year 5 have begun to look at a range of materials, their properties and uses. They have reviewed scientific vocabulary used to describe the properties of materials and have practiced using this vocabulary to compare a variety of materials.