We were treated to a wonderful exhibition from Year 4 on Tuesday as part of their end of unit on World Leaders and Biographies. Over the course of the topic, the pupils had each chosen and researched a World Leader that they were interested in and then created biographies, presentations and timelines to display in an eye-catching and informative way to show the rest of the Primary students. All pupils and staff in Primary, were able to come to learn about different leaders and vote for their favourite presentations. The work on show was to a very high standard and each and every pupil was able to talk about their leader in depth and answer questions. Year 4 pupils should be very proud of the work they have achieved and for the amazing exhibition they delivered.

Also, this week, Year 6 pupils have been developing different skills in Art through a rotation of different stations. Pupils had the opportunity to practice drawing designs which they then measured, cut, shaped, stitched and pinned to the dolls. Another station offered the opportunity to observe buildings and the terrain outside the classroom as part of architectural drawings and practice using a drawing board. There was also a water colour painting station where pupils practiced water colour techniques and a paint mixing station where they explored using powder paints to practice painting. As well as observation drawing of fresh flowers, dolls and light drawing to practice shadows and value.

Meanwhile, Year 5 pupils have been continuing with their learning about natural disasters and tsunamis were the focus this week. Year 3 have been further deepening their learning in Topic as well - learning about the mysteries of Stonehenge and have added Cave Art drawings to their clay caves. Year 2 have also been experimenting with the use of clay as they prepare to design and create a clay tile. Whilst Year 1 are enjoying investigating big machines and developing their non-fiction descriptive writing.