We have been very excited to receive a delivery of almost 1500 new levelled reading books for our Primary Reading Room. This will enable the children to have a wider choice of books to read at a level appropriate to their reading ability. We encourage the children to read every day, both at school and at home, and hope that you can also inspire your child/children to read and record what they have read daily.

This week we have celebrated Healthy Schools. Each morning the children have had the opportunity to participate in different exercises and activities, including running laps, jump rope, circuits and ball toss. Assemblies have also focused on being healthy and we were also treated to dance performances from different groups of students. Today the children have enjoyed a large inflatable and obstacle course to bring our week and end of term to a close.

Also this week… Year 1 and 2 have been finalising their Science experiments. Year 1 have been investigating germs and mouldy bread. They examined the different coloured mould that had grown on the bread (which were in airtight bags) and looked into which germs were associated with the colours they saw – a stark reminder to always wash our hands and keep our work spaces tidy! Year 2 have been investigating plants, which have been growing in their individually made greenhouses. They were really impressed by how tall their plants have grown and were able to use their observational skills to record the changes.

Year 3 brought together their knowledge about lights and shadow and their learning about fables this week, as they created shadow puppets and used these to retell and perform different fables they had learned and those they had written!

Meanwhile, the time for battle had arrived in Year 4! After weeks of preparation, learning about Ancient Greek soldiers and battle strategies, the Battle of Year 4 finally took place. The brave young Hoplites took their shields and put on their helmets and headed out to the battle field on the football pitch. Once outside, they practiced the famous Ancient Greek battle formation, the Phalanx, and worked to move as one unit and protect each other from the attacking teachers. They then moved class by class in their Phalanx against an approaching Persian army.

Year 5 have been developing their descriptive writing by using the skill of ‘showing not telling’ and as a result the children have produced some spectacular writing with lots of description. Whilst in Maths they have finished their ‘position and directions’ topic.

Year 6, this term, have become even more familiar with different online learning platforms, which has helped to improve their independent working skills. We have been working towards further developing their levels of autonomy and independence in preparation for secondary school. After the April holiday, this will be developed even further in various ways as they prepare for the transition to Year 7 and Secondary.

Overall, it has been another fantastic and productive term, and I hope everyone enjoys a well-deserved rest!

Katherine Mustoe

Vice-Principal and Head of Primary