It has been a wonderful action-packed week this week as our Primary children have taken it in turns to compete in the Sports days. Students have taken part in various events with great enthusiasm and determination and have been rewarded with cheers and medals! It has been especially nice to see parents taking part and celebrating the successes with their children. Everyone deserves a well-earned rest and relaxation this weekend before we meet again with parents next week for our Summer Term Parent Teacher Meetings.

We have been very impressed with Year 1 student’s writing assessments as they rewrote the story of Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone. Some of the punctuation and presentation were of a standard and expectation far higher than the children’s ages. Fantastic work, Year 1! The children also had a lot of fun painting a watercolour background before choosing their favourite picture from the story and drawing it on their backgrounds.

Year 2 have been consolidating their multiplication and division skills with 2s, 5s and 10s. They have been looking at the times tables, arrays and word problems to secure these operations. Whilst in Topic they have been exploring the lives of British monarchs and made comparisons between Elizabeth I & Queen Victoria.

In Year 3, the students have consolidated their knowledge of statistics and enjoyed learning about pictograms, reading and interpreting information from bar charts and frequency tables. They have also had lots of fun learning all about soil formation, the importance of soil permeability and have been able to present their findings from their experiments using some very scientific vocabulary.

Year 4 mathematicians have been reading temperatures and understanding negative numbers, as well as converting lengths. Whilst in English they have been writing a persuasive email to Mr Farrell, convincing him why their class is the best classroom to put a new student.

Year 5 have begun to study poems around a theme and have been focusing on superhero poetry; exploring the different features that can be used to make poems more interesting. The students have been studying onomatopoeia, rhyming and have drafted some poetry for fun too. They have also been enjoying their guided reading activity tasks and have even found out what a portmanteau is!

Also, Years 4-6 have been painting African animals in Art using multiple styles in one painting including Primitivism, Pointillism and Fauvism. This has given the students the opportunity to draw and paint without creative restriction as all of these styles are free and childlike. Each piece is completely unique and reflects the individual child’s view of the animal. The students had the chance to develop their own unique style and practice shape and line drawing to help them find the correct proportions.

Well done to everyone on such a successful week.

Katherine Mustoe

Vice-Principal and Head of Primary