This week teachers have met with parents either online or in-person to give updates on how the children are progressing and to explain their next steps in their learning. We also had the first of our parent and children classes in Primary this week as our Year 1 parents joined their children to build a famous landmark from the UK. There were some incredibly detailed and carefully constructed pieces and I know the children are looking forward to painting them next week. We look forward to welcoming more parents to join their children in class in the coming weeks.

Wednesday also saw our Year 2 children dressing up as Kings and Queens as they celebrated the end of their History topic on this subject and enjoyed a big medieval banquet. They have also begun a non-fiction unit in English and have really enjoyed reading lots of books and fact files about dinosaurs!

Year 3 have been exploring Stone Age homes and how they have changed over time as well as examining a Stone Age community off the coast of Scotland called Skara Brae. They have also written some beautiful calligram poems about their chosen role model.

Meanwhile, the Year 4 students enjoyed becoming engineers in class this week. They used their knowledge of solar power to create different solar powered robots, including dinosaurs, insects and diggers. They had to follow instructions to create electrical circuits and motors to allow the robots to move. They then chose a time of day where the sun was shining to see their robots in action!

Year 5 have been busy tackling percentages, factions and decimals in Maths, exploring different rhyming schemes in their superhero poetry and designing their very own birdboxes with special safety features.

Whilst the concepts of evolution and inheritance have been at the core of Year 6 Science recently. The students have been hard-at-work understanding how variation and adaptation may lead to evolution, and more recently focusing on how the fossil record serves as a window into the distant past. To consolidate their knowledge of fossils, Science and Art collaborated this week and led to the students creating their own trace fossils of shells, leaves or handprints.

Katherine Mustoe

Vice-Principal and Head of Primary