Today we announced who this year’s Primary House Captains and Vice-Captains are in assembly today. It was a very very difficult decision to choose which students would be appointed these roles from their very thoughtful and persuasive letters of application. Congratulations to those students who are now appointed, we look forward to seeing you engage and inspire your fellow House members to gain House points and arrange exciting events for everyone to take part in.

Assemblies in Primary this week also focused on ‘Jeans for Genes’ Day which we celebrated as a school today. We likened the genes in our bodies to lego pieces and how sometimes, in our bodies, when parts of the instructions are missing, these genes that make up our body can go wrong. If it’s only a little mistake, like a red lego piece instead of a yellow lego piece, then it might just mean someone’s body works in a different way to yours or that they look a little different from you. But if something very important is missing, like the wheel on a model racing car, then this can cause a more serious problem with the way someone’s body works for example they might not be able to walk or see.

I was very impressed with how sensible the children were as we explored this issue and the very mature questions and responses raised. Well done to all for bringing in donations too so that we can help those people affected by genetic disorders. Key Stage 2 also had the opportunity to enjoy a fashion show in assembly as they showed off their array of denim and jeans to support the ‘Jeans for Genes’ day.