Year 7 Geography

During the latter part of this Term, the Year 7's have been focusing on the sheer power and corrosive force that glaciers possess. Through a foundational understanding of what glaciers are and where they originate, the Year 7's then delved into the impact 'Nature's Bulldozer' has had and will continue to have on shaping the topography of our Earth (should climate change not effect this too much further - a topic of study during the initial part of the Term). Through the further study of the processes of glaciers (Erosion; Transport; Deposition) and the features therein to gain an understanding of the 'how', students have explored the many incredible landforms created by glaciers and therein deepened their understanding of why the topography is so shaped - through active learning, research-based assignments and cross-curricular activities, the Year 7's are becoming adept in the identification and description of these landforms. Further to this, students have worked on developing their evaluative and reflective skills through the evaluation and reflection of their work. It has been a wonderfully enthralling latter part of the Term, and the Year 7's have shown a tenacious diligence and enthusiasm toward the work thus far.

Jonathan Rowan Louw
English and Humanities Teacher
Year 8 Form Tutor