Due to the ongoing global pandemic situation, we have been able to cover many related topics during the lessons. Year 7 are currently researching how stakeholders have been impacted by the restrictions. The students have been preparing presentations on various companies and improving their public speaking. Year 8 have been studying entrepreneurship and have reflected on the challenges faced by contestants on the Apprentice. They have learnt that commercial awareness, energy and confidence go a long way in the real world. Year 9 have been developing their business plans for their enterprise which will culminate in a bake sale to raise money for charity. Year 10 have been studying motivation, recruitment and HR. Year 11 are now looking at the external business environment with a focus on the economy, environment and business ethics.


This week in History the students have been further exploring the depths of pivotal events in the twentieth century: the Year 7 students have evaluated substantial achievements of the women’s suffrage movement in Britain; the Year 8’s have successfully analysed the complex political upheaval of Russia in 1917; while finally the Year 9s have explored the growing level of persecution of minority groups in Germany in the 1930s culminating in the savage attacks on Jewish communities in Kristallnacht in 1938 leaving the nation on the precipice of the Holocaust.

Excitingly, the Year 7 students have initiated a project within their evaluation of the changing lives of women as a result of their pursuit for equality in the early part of the twentieth century. They are currently engaging with one of the newest forms of media, news and culture: podcasts. After summarising and fully analysing the significant events, issues and organisations involved in the fight for women’s equality, they will research, storyboard and create podcasts which will be published online. In preparation for this, the Year 7s could begin sampling podcasts in a subject they are interested in.

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