As House Captain of the Green Dragons I can say that we are making progress in the competition. For example, during the Scavenger Hunt the Green Dragons worked well as a group, learnt how to communicate with each other and ensured that everyone took part. Secondly, in the Christmas Quiz every student in the Green Dragons worked well, even when the questions were difficult. We collaborated well and came up with a relevant answer. Thirdly, everyone in the Green Dragons is doing great job to accumulated house points. I have no concerns and I am pleased with how the Green Dragons are working hard to bring success.
Sakeena Year 11

The Yellow Tigers have tried our best in each house competition. We won the Christmas Quiz assembly which was organised successfully with our Yellow Tigers teachers’ support and my help. I have focused on the house points and encouraged other Yellow Tiger students to try their best to gain house points in their classes. Although we are behind other houses on the leader board, I will try to help our house improve. Next term, I think we will develop as a team with everyone working together.
Selina Year 12

As Red Phoenix House Captain I would just like to update you all with how well we are doing so far in this year’s House Competitions. To date we have taken part in multiple house competitions. We have had the secondary scavenger hunt, sports house competitions as well as a variety of house quizzes during assembly including the most recent Christmas Quiz competition. Now, although Red Phoenix currently sit in third place we have been doing great because the difference in scoring between ourselves and Blue Lions who currently sit in first place is 10 house points. This means it is still all to play for come the new year. I have been extremely proud with how well the Red Phoenix House has been doing as a whole and I look forward to the new year where we aim to secure that top spot.
Chad Year 7

There have been many house competitions this term which have brought us closer together to understand everyone’s capabilities. In the scavenger hunt we divided into 3 groups and each group had to work together to find the hidden items. I’m pleased with the effort that everyone made for Blue Lions. We walked up so many stairs to find the items and it was a fun activity non the less. We had a Christmas quiz where the houses got to compete to win a Tree-mendous amount of house points. In this competition all of our minds were one as we battled for 1st place. Year 7 to Year 13 had to regain their memory of Christmas. Oh Deer it was a blast for everyone and I’m so happy with how much we remembered! I’m so happy with how much the Blue Lions had achieved in this term and I can’t wait to see the amazing and unique abilities that everyone has to offer! Believe in your elf!