In one of my previous Newsletter articles I wrote about the need for schools to be more than just an academic institution, they also need to be of place of opportunity which engages the body, mind and soul. Now, whilst I whole heartedly believe in this approach to education, there comes a time when academic attainment takes precedence. All of our Secondary students have focused on this side of school life lately. The Year 7-10 students have sat their Spring Term examinations this week. It has been pleasing to see their mature attitude to their studies with many of them preferring to use break times in order to reinforce their knowledge. The subject teachers will record their grades and send them out individually to parents after the holiday. Our Year 11 students are getting ready for their upcoming Cambridge IGCSE exams while the Year 12 & 13 students will be sitting their Cambridge A Level exams. This is a busy and stressful time in their school lives, however, we will ensure that they are prepared in the best possible way. I will write to Year 11-13 parents with more Exam information after the holiday. The Spring Term Reports have been written and sent home with students. Please take the time to read the Report as they give important comments on your child’s progress throughout school. These were a pleasure to read, and it gave me very positive feedback about where the Secondary School is at this moment in time.

There have been many highlights this term, we enjoyed some fantastic music, song and dance performances organised by the Mandarin Department for the Chinese New Year celebrations. We have continued our House Competitions with quizzes and a memorable Tug of War tournament. As always, our Secondary students totally buy into the House concept and give every effort to help and support each other in their Houses. The Maths Department oragnised a series of activities on Pi Day and as I write we are in the middle of Healthy Schools Week. Each day a number of healthy morning activities are organised to get the blood flowing and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle has been taught in PSHE. The highlight of the week will cumulate in a giant bouncy inflatable for our students to enjoy some healthy fun, rumor has it that some teachers may have a go as well!

I wish you all a restful holiday and I look forward to the business end of the school year.

Anthony O'Brien

Head of Secondary