In preparation for the upcoming secondary school masquerade ball the secondary students have been working as a community to make decorations and tickets. This not only strengthens the school community but also teaches group responsibility. The year 9 class is responsible for planning and fund raising for the event while years 7 and 8 are responsible for producing décor.

In an effort to conserve resources and make the students aware of sustainability we have made décor for the dance using recycled materials such as newspaper, tissue paper and card stock. In addition to working environmentally friendly the students learned that with a little effort they can make beautiful things using trash and upcycle things we no longer have use for.


This term, Years 7-9 have taken a more practical approach to drama lessons after Year 7 finished their unit on key drama skills, and Year 8 and 9 finished the texts we have been studying. Year 7 are now using their drama lessons to supplement their study of Romeo and Juliet in English lessons and are practising acting out and organising a stage for key scenes from the play. Being able to use the school theatre for these lessons has been invaluable, as it has given students the opportunity to get onto the stage and consider different lighting options. Meanwhile, Year 8 and 9 are now working on group projects to direct and act out their own individual scenes from the plays we have read together. This will be a great experience for them to decide on set design, sound, and lighting, as well as performance.

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