Over the last few weeks, Year 10 have turned their focus to the analysis of Carol Ann Duffy's poetry. Despite the high challenge of the topic, Year 10 have sunk their teeth into their study of poetry with impressive diligence and are now able to analyse in detail a range of forms, language and structure with exceptional creativity and criticality, showcasing original thought.


Chemistry and Physics have been the focus Key Stage 3 Science this week, and Years 7 through 9 have covered a variety of different topics to kickstart this half term.

As part of their Particles and Reaction unit in Chemistry, the Year 7 cohort have been learning about acids and metals. This week, they successfully completed experiments to observe how different metals react in an acid; all students worked carefully and made observations on how the different metals reacted when dropped in acid and learned what products are produced in the chemical reaction.

Year 8 have started their new unit focusing on Heat and Magnetism. This week, the students focused on what the fundamental differences are between temperature and heat, as well as how to apply particles models to accurately illustrate how particles behave at different temperatures.

After achieving a significant milestone as a class in their last assessment, Year 9 have commenced their latest unit – Forces, Motion and Pressure – on a high. Following a brief discussion, about how an objects shape affects its speed and velocity in air, a student-led demonstration highlighted the difficulties of conducting a test involving speed in air. The students were then tasked to create different shaped objects and conduct small-scale experiments in a different medium.

Well done Key Stage 3 scientists!

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