Business Studies and the Lemonade Stand Young Enterprise

Students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13 have been busy the last three months with their studies for both the IGCSE and A-level Cambridge exams. Students in year 10 have been learning the classification of businesses, enterprise growth and size, business objectives, stakeholders and have just covered motivation at work, whilst interviewing staff around the school to find out differences between financial and non-financial factors at work. Year 11 students have been studying production, break-even analysis, quality production and location decisions. In year 12 students have covered enterprise, business structure, size of business, objectives, stakeholders, motivation, leadership and human resources. In year 13 students have been studying economic factors, HR, organizational structure, business communication, marketing planning and globalization. An additional highlight for business and enterprise in the school has been the lemonade stand competition which has culminated in students from years 4 to 6 making and selling lemonade at the school charity movie nights. The young enterprise have now covered their costs and know understand the importance of teamwork, communication, effective business plans and marketing their handmade products. Learning by doing has been key for all students involved and we can congratulate all participants for a job well done!

Mr. M. O’Brien – Teacher of Business and Geography