Earlier this month, Cecilia Chang, a year 2 student at Britannica, performed the Clementi Op 36 No 2 at the famous Shanghai Symphony Hall. Cecilia was led through her performance by the world-renowned conductor Mr. Tao Fan and accompanied by the entire Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

School Principal, Mr. Farrell and Cecilia’s teachers were invited to the event. Mr Farrell said ‘It was a privilege to be invited to Cecilia’s performance. Cecilia performed with skill, precision and maturity well beyond her years. As Principal of Britannica, I am continually amazed by the progress of our children, both academically and personally. When the entire Symphony Orchestra accompanied Cecilia it was a remarkable moment and I am exceptionally proud of her achievements.

Behind the scenes with Cecilia’s mum Ms. Cheng

When did Cecilia start learning piano?

Cecilia’s journey into music started when she was only 3 years and 8 months old. As parents, we would like Cecilia to have a hobby she really enjoys. Music is definitely one of the most powerful forms of art.

What is your opinion on the importance of extra-curricular activities in education

At Britannica, students are encouraged to try a huge variety of activities. As parents, we also support the idea of holistic education. In addition to the music programme at Britannica, we chose a music academy for Cecilia to provide additional support after school. I am glad to see after these years of practice, she has become more confident and self-disciplined. Playing piano helps her to understand the value of perseverance, we have noticed this aspect of Cecilia’s character improve tremendously in recent years. The moment I saw her on stage, I almost burst into tears for her hard work. I would like to thank all of the Britannica teachers who have supported Cecilia and who are consistently willing to support her achievements.

What were your thoughts when you first visited Britannica?

I still remember the first time we visited the school four years ago. The welcome was extremely warm and personalised. We were impressed by school’s ethos and its facilities. Britannica’s ideal location and small class size is exactly what we are looking for in a school, we feel like our daughter is really cared for and she is stretched to reach her highest potential. I am delighted to say it was the right decision we made to choose Britannica. The school is supportive in every aspect.

Could you share Cecilia’s school day routine with us?

Cecilia really enjoys her time at school, especially looking forward to the ASA’s offered every week. She can choose up to 4 different activities to join every term. Cecilia then spends one hour every day to practice piano. After finishing her homework, she loves to have some quiet time reading her books. She always shares the day with us during dinner. I am really impressed by how grown up she has. A big thank you to Britannica’s teacher for their hard work and dedication. We are so proud to be part of the school community and to watch Cecilia develop into a confident and independent young girl.