At Britannica, we are lucky enough to have two purpose-built outside areas exclusive to our Early Years. It is vital for young learners to get regular access and opportunities to explore and learn in the outside environment, and we strive to make the most of the outside areas. The recently refurbished areas provide large, safe and exploratory settings for our children, supporting both their problem-solving skills and physical development.

Learning outside of the classroom is an integral part of the Early Years curriculum at Britannica. Playing and exploring outside offers unique experiences with direct contact with the weather and the seasons, and allows for rich, active learning, developing children's resourcefulness and imagination.

At Britannica, outside learning is embedded in our weekly and daily plans. We aim to ensure learning flows seamlessly between indoors and outdoors, offering children experiences that inspire creativity and curiosity.

Our experienced teachers deliver well-constructed and well-planned outside learning, a critical element of the UK’s EYFS Curriculum. This approach is integrated across all curriculum areas and gives significant benefits to learners to deepen and contextualise their learning.