The Secondary students have all impressed over the last couple of months in their current units. The Year 7s have undertaken an exploration of the post-war European peace project in History whilst focussing on the natural and human processes affecting the formation of river features along with their surrounding landscapes. In Year 8, the students are applying themselves enthusiastically to the analysis of the Black Death in Europe where they are able to draw comparisons to the societal and economic impact of COVID 19 while in Geography they have been exploring the complex, challenging process of globalisation and the inequalities that have arisen from it. In Year 9, after completing a thoughtful evaluation of the impact of the Holocaust, the students are now analysing the major events of World War Two as preparation for the GCSE course. In Geography, they have been analysing the natural processes affecting coasts, increasingly thinking about their impacts on coastal populations. Finally in Year 10, the students are close to completing their final unit of the year evaluating the nature of Soviet control in Eastern Europe and the challenges made to it. Their analytical essays have been impressive, demonstrating both maturity and insight.

Jake Howcroft

Head of Sixth Form

Business Studies

It’s been a busy and exciting time for all of the students involved in the Business department. Year 7 have been practicing how to pitch a business idea in under two minutes and respond to on-the-spot questioning in a commercial environment. Year 8 continue to develop their knowledge of industrial business and Year 9 have been heavily involved in planning and running their mini enterprises ready for the Y7-10 Summer Ball on the 24th June. Year 9 students sold their produce during the KS2 & 3 movie night, along with Year 11 helping out to ensure that the proceedings ran smoothly. The event marks highly effective cross-curricular cooperation between the Business and Art departments and I was delighted to see that 2000RMB was raised for charity. Year 10 are busy preparing for their end of year mock exam coming up in a few weeks and they are having to cover and be fully prepared for, exam style questions on the first 14 units of the course. Year 11 and 12 students have now completed their IGCSE and AS Level Cambridge external exams and I am sure that all of the hard work will pay off when they receive their grades in the summer.

Martyn O'Brien

Teacher of Business Studies and Economics