What a joy it is to learn beyond the classroom. An important aspect of the British curriculum is to ensure students can take their knowledge and skills out into the world and use them in context in a purposeful way. This week Reception were able to do just this by going on their school field trip to the Aquarium. There were beaming smiles as they came back enthusiastically to share their experiences with all. A huge thank you to all Reception parent volunteers who supported the trip. Next week Nursery looks forward to their school trip to the ‘Miracle Garden’ which I am sure the children will be just as excited as Reception were.

Isla Gillespie

Head of Early Years


What a noisy week in Pre-Nursery as we have been using our listening ears to hear what Emergency transport sounds like. The children have had a wonderful time exploring ambulances, fire engines and police cars through sound bingo, small worlds, and role-play.

Using our voices, we have practiced the phrase ‘Help me!’ as the children phoned up different emergency services to ask for each of the modes of transport. Our favourite one has had to be the fire engine. Pre-Nursery loved shouting, ‘Fire, fire! Help Me!’.

Along with our Emergency transport week, Pre-Nursery have learnt all about crossing the road safely, knowing to ‘stop’, ‘look’ and ‘listen’ before going over the zebra crossing. To help us learn all about this, the children enjoyed playing a movement game all about; ‘stop’ and ‘go’ using their listening skills to follow key instructions.


This week children in Nursery harnessed the wind! We enjoyed building tents and campfires in our pretend desert world and filled our sand space with scorpions, snakes, spiders and cacti. We followed the journey of Nomads living in the desert and appreciated the limited resources available for survival. Nursery marvelled at the journey the nomads took over sand dunes on camelback in search of food and water.

With our tents flapping in the wind, we were fascinated and impressed by the power of nature! The children's interest led us to a discovery of green energy and how we might use the power of the wind to make electricity, move our sailboats and fly our kite! We made windmills and got excited as the wind gathered momentum and sent it spinning. Nursery folded paper planes to catch the wind in our wings just like our minibeast!

Excitingly we had a visit from a large beetle specimen that joined us at play in the garden this week. We were fortunate to have an up-close view of this specimen, counting six legs of the insect and recalling all that we had learnt about minibeast in our previous topic.

Nursery will continue their learning journey across the earth sciences and explore different ways of life next week as we journey to the big city with Maisy!


What another exciting week in Reception we have had! The children had a fantastic time on their school trip on Wednesday when they visited the aquarium. We enjoyed seeing all of the different sea animals and the children worked hard to complete their explorer packs identifying the different sea creatures along the way!

In class, the children have learnt the new sounds ‘or’ and ‘air’ along with the tricky word ‘her’ and wrote super sentences about their wonderful trip. In Maths, we continued to develop our knowledge of shapes, time and money – completing lots of fun activities to support us in this. During topic, children made a ‘water’ collage using all things blue and talked about the different uses of water. We look forward to more water fun next week!