In this morning’s assembly we were treated to some exceptional performances from some of our very talented Key Stage Two pupils – we had singing, dancing, magic tricks, violinists, pianists and more! It was a wonderful way to start the day and not only was I very impressed by the talents that our students shared, I was also really pleased to see how supportive and encouraging everyone was of each other. It was a real treat and I am sure it has inspired other students to keep practising their hobbies.

Also, this week, Primary students have been completing their end of year GL tests - Maths and English for Years 1 and 2, and Maths, English and Science for Years 3 and above. We are very pleased with how incredibly hard the students have worked this year and the progress they have made and look forward to sharing the results with you shortly.

Today, Year 2 enjoyed a trip to the Sculpture Park and used their observational skills to sketch and shade the sculptures as well as talk about their interpretations of the sculptures.

Year 1 have enjoyed various fun art and craft activities this week and have thoroughly enjoyed making their Viking boats as well as finishing off their fantastic Anancy and Dry Bone pictures.

Year 3 have also had fun taking part in art and craft within their Maths activities to review shape and symmetry. They have also discovered how life changed for Prehistoric people with the invention of bronze and how people created bronze objects in ancient times.

Year 4 have been mini-teachers and Maths experts as they took turns to explain different mathematical problems to students less confident. It was great to see how well the students took on the roles as teachers and helped the other students.

Year 5 have also been busy in Maths lessons; working on adding and subtracting decimals. They were able to solve a number of different tricky word problems and also self-checked and corrected their work.

Meanwhile, Year 6 have been learning about the different kinds of dances in Traditional Irish Music. They realised that the music that they dance to is essentially the same and learnt about one of the most common dance type tunes – the jig – one in which they can practice at home, at school, or maybe even in the next talent show!

Katherine Mustoe

Vice-Principal and Head of Primary