Q1. Please introduce yourself.

I was born and raised in Southampton, England. History has been my passion since childhood. In 2012, I graduated from University College London with a First-Class degree in History. I subsequently entered teaching and earned a PGCE from the University of Chichester. I taught for three years in the UK, working as a History teacher in a deprived area of south London. Living abroad and experiencing new cultures had been a long-term goal, so I sought employment in China and spent the last three years teaching at an international school in Guangdong. During my three years there, I taught Classics, History and Logic. Having enjoyed my time in China but wanting a new challenge and an exciting environment, I decided to move to Shanghai. I am eager to work with our students and help them to succeed!

Q2. Why do you choose teaching as your profession?

I enjoy working with students! I find a lot of fulfilment in helping them to learn and making them laugh. I am also keenly aware of teaching’s role in raising capable citizens and building a healthy society. This is especially true of History. It equips students with the critical thinking skills and contextual knowledge they need to engage with the world. If I can help to equip students in this way, it is my duty to do so.

Q3. What subject do you teach?

I am qualified as a secondary History teacher. I’ve taught ages 10-18 and am competent in ancient, medieval and modern history. Besides conveying diverse historical content, the main focus of History teaching is the development of thinking and writing skills. Students must learn to analyse evidence, form arguments and structure essays. Historical skills can be very challenging for students to master. Mastery is achieved through extensive modelling, practice and feedback.

Q4. Your aims for Britannica?

The first aim must always be to ensure the well-being of students. Beyond this, I want my students to have productive and engaging lessons! My goal is that these lessons will form part of a long-term plan that builds students’ knowledge and skills over successive years of schooling. The outcome will hopefully be young adults who are capable and enthusiastic Historians. For myself, my aim is to continue refining and expanding my pedagogy. I am looking forward to working with my fellow teachers and innovating with my students to achieve this aim.