It has been a busy start to the year for the Business Department since the Christmas holiday. Year 11 and 12 have just completed their mocks which adhere to the Cambridge International Assessment criteria for IGCSE and A Level. They have been revising hard and checking in with me regularly regarding how to improve their revision techniques and conquer the examinations effectively. Year 10 have been working their way steadily through the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus and have received feedback on their End of Term exam. I am very pleased with the way they performed, showing evidence of hard work and study skills. Year 7 have been started to learn about the Retail Business and Year 8 have been looking at organizational structures. Year 9 have started an exciting new enterprise project which will eventually lead to a charity bake sale in the spring.


In the secondary Humanities the students have begun a range of relevant and topical issues in History and Geography. In Year 7, students are currently exploring women’s campaign for equality and suffrage in 20th century Britain and analysing weather processes in Geography. The Year 8 students have embarked on modules analysing the events leading up to Russian Revolution, specifically causes and manifestations of unrest. In Geography they are covering population where they will look at graphs and data to analyse issues and stages of development.

In Year 9, the students have begun looking at the foundations and features of the Holocaust – exploring culpability and the origins of anti-Semitism. In Geography, we are covering an exciting project which is combining the topic of changing urban environments with ICT. Urban growth is an unstoppable feature of the world today, posing serious issues environmentally and socially. The students are completing a project through Canvas online where they are independently researching urban issues, urban sustainability before completing a presentation, report and city design. The project is using a range of online features which will foster academic research skills, innovative collaboration and autonomy in the completion of a project. Combining with their ICT lessons, the students will convert their designs into a fully functional virtual city using the educational tools on Minecraft. If you would like to review the work, please visit our canvas page at ‘Year 9 Geography 2020/21’ on the site.

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