It has been a week of creativity and reflecting in EYFS this week. In Pre-Nursery we have focused on the sense of touch through a book called, ‘I don’t want to wash my hands’. In art we will used our fingers to paint onto handprints and mark made in cornflour and glitter, we have had lots of fun.

From all this messy play we learnt about the importance of washing our hands using our story of the week. We have learnt all about germs and how to stay healthy and sequenced how to wash our hands.

This week Nursery have been learning about the festival of Diwali and Rangoli patterns. The children all created their own patterns using 2D shapes and colours. These look very beautiful, and a lot of work was put into making them.

Nursery have also been looking at fireworks which is associated with many celebrations taking place around this time of year. Using bright colours, Nursery have been mark making in various ways to create their own firework pictures.

Our story this week has been, ‘Home before dark,’ which is about a Teddy Bear that gets lost and needs to get home to make his friend happy again. Nursery have been discussing all the different things that make us happy.

In Reception we have been learning all about Thanksgiving! The children learnt what this special holiday is all about, mainly to give thanks to the people and things we are grateful for. They made lovely Thank You cards for their family and friends. They were introduced to the foods people eat, and reenacted cooking and eating meals together in the home corner.

This week in Phonics, we focused on the letter sounds; c, k and ‘ck.’ The children have been putting their phonic skills to work and are attempting to write sentences using some tricky words and the sounds they know. You can support by encouraging your children’s writing and show them how we write for different purposes, such as making shopping lists, writing down notes and writing a short card for someone.

In Maths this week we have continued practicing addition and have introduced the children to some data handling. They collected information from their friends and drew a pictogram!