The children in EYFS displayed great excitement this week when beginning their first class topic of the academic year. It has been wonderful to see the learning and the energy of the children taking part in activities inside our Early Years. The children haven’t been able to go outside due to the typhoon but they did not let that dampen their enthusiasm whilst they further explored our EYFS Art, Music and Storytelling Rooms.


This week in Pre-Nursery we have started our first topic ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear’ a story by Eric Carle. We have been learning how to put two words together such as brown bear, red bird, yellow duck, white dog and make the animal sounds.

The children have been exploring a number of sensory activities such as green frogs in a swamp pit and making bear footprints in paint.


This week in Nursery we have begun a new learning journey which is all about ‘The Zoo The children have listened to the story ‘Dear Zoo’ and have happily talked about their own experiences of a zoo and what animal they would like to see the most.

As part of our number work the children have been singing, ‘Five Little Monkeys,’ this progressed into some wonderful creative and physical activities where the children painted, cut, and then stuck a set number of monkeys into a tree.

The children in Nursery are continuing to settle into their new routines and are becoming increasingly independent to explore the classroom. It has been a very productive week in Nursery.


It was a very busy week in Reception whilst children enjoyed beginning their new topic, ‘Zoom to the Moon.’ We read the story ‘Beegu,’ which is about an alien who lands on Earth and struggles to make friends. We thought about how Beegu felt in different parts of the story and acted out what she would say, recording our voices. In Phonics we learnt about the tricky words ‘I’ and ‘the.’ We used these words in different sentences of our own.

In Maths we focused on patterns. The children used various equipment such as bead strings, puzzles, the interactive whiteboard and finger paints to create their own patterns and even made friendship bracelets using beads in a pattern. They further developed their fine motor skills by cutting and gluing different 2D shapes to make some very impressive rockets!

Through Topic the children continued to use their imagination and creative skills by making their own alien and a spaceship for their alien and considered what they would like to learn about Space.