This week all of our EYFS Parents had the opportunity to meet with their child’s class teacher for their Parent/Teacher meetings. During these meetings, you would have had the chance to talk with the class teacher about your child’s progress and how to support them in their next steps. At Britannica, it is important for us to work collaboratively with you to ensure your child gets the best out of their education. As always, please do keep looking at your child’s Learning Journal on Tapestry as this too will keep you informed about your child’s learning. It is always a great tool to help support your child talking at home about what they have done at school.

In class, there has been a variety of activities taking place. Please see below the key learning in each year group:

This week Pre-Nursery have been focusing on the rhyme ‘Jack and Jill’ learning the key vocabulary from the rhyme, using props and actions to support their understanding. With Jack and Jill going to collect water in a bucket (pail) this gave us an excellent chance to do some capacity work in class. Pre-Nursery have been exploring capacity through filling and emptying buckets, focusing on identifying ‘full’ and ‘empty’. Along with all of this, Pre-Nursery have been focusing on developing their gross motor skills through simple climbing activities. They have explored climbing up and down hills in our outdoor area while looking at safely walking up and down stairs using the rail to help them.

This week we have read Dr Seuss's book, 'Fox in Socks,' whilst reading the book the children listened very carefully to identify the rhyming words. We then spent time developing our understanding of which words rhyme through the use of picture cards and used these to make some Silly Soup; Nursery did a fantastic job! We then helped fox by making some very colourful socks which we used for our Maths to support our counting and used the language ‘longer’ and ‘shorter.’ We developed our fine motor skills by hanging washing on our washing line outside and helped to dress Ted the Teddy Bear, describing the clothes that he was wearing and changing these for the different weather conditions.

Reception had a fantastic school trip to the Natural History Museum today. The children loved seeing and talking about all of the wonderful features of the museum.

Our new topic is ‘Julia Donaldson’. She is a British children’s author who is famous for writing books such as The Gruffalo, The Smartest Giant in Town and Room on the Broom. We will use her books to learn all about different characters, plots and settings as well as helping to build our imaginations and develop our acting skills. This week, we introduced them to the story of The Gruffalo; children retold the story and also made their own Gruffalo!
In our Maths lessons this week, we developed our knowledge of finding half. We began the week by finding half of a shape and then moved on to finding half of a group of objects and quantity.