I have been amazed by how well the children in EYFS have adapted to the changes in their learning this week. It has been wonderful to see the children so engaged in so many activities at home. We look forward to more fun learning next week, well done!


Pre-Nursery went to London this week to visit the Queen through the rhyme ‘Pussy cat, Pussy Cat’. In the rhyme a cat goes on a journey to London and frightens a mouse under a chair! We have been concentrating on using the preposition under and using our favourite toys and putting them under things at home. Pre-Nursery have learnt about the key features of a cat and drew some lovely pictures. We focused on the facial features, a tail and paws and claws. We looked at London through a lovely picture book and matched the key things we saw. Along with all of this, Pre-Nursery have also been making crowns, sorting jewels and learning the cat cow yoga pose.


Nursery have been working very hard this week. They have continued to learn about rhyming words, making their own rhyming silly soup and listened to the story, ‘Fox in Socks.’ The children then made their own wonderful sock puppets and went on a sound hunt, finding words that begin with the letter ‘f.’ Children have also completed Art work after exploring the changes from Winter to Spring and made a delicious bear snack and comfy bed for their bears. today. What an exciting week!


It has been a different but fun week for all of us here in Reception! We adapted to online learning and have created videos and activities for the Reception children to enjoy and continue on their learning journey. These videos and activities are there to keep the children engaged and to provide a continuous and fun learning experience.

This week throughout our language, literacy and communication sessions we have focused on revising phonics, blending, rhyming, tricky words and comprehension. The children were wonderful participants online, contributing their ideas, opinions and answers.

In Maths, we were able to introduce a new concept, Number Bonds, on the computer screens and enjoyed seeing the many different styles of Numicons that were created at home as well as singing our lovely ‘number bonds’ song.

Throughout our Topic, Julia Donaldson, the children have shown great engagement and creativity. They created very imaginative Gruffalo Caves at home and were very curious about snails and whales from the story “The Snail and the Whale”. We all loved hearing and discussing the interesting facts that the children found out through research.

Thank you for your continuous support. We understand this is a challenging situation and we really appreciate the effort you are making to aid and encourage your child on their learning journey.