Photosynthesis, Reactivity Series, Plant transport systems and Group 7 elements have been the focus of lessons following the Chinese New Year holidays for KS4 and 5.

In Year 10 Biology, students have been investigating how light intensity affects the rate of photosynthesis using pondweed. Whilst in Chemistry students have been eagerly investigating the rate of reactivity of different metals to determine a reactivity series.

Year 11 have been working hard to investigate the electrolysis of aqueous solutions using inert electrodes including how aluminium is extracted from Bauxite. They have shown true determination and dedication whilst studying how to write redox and half equations of each experiment.

A-Level Biology students have been studying the transport system of plants. A-Level Chemistry students have been learning about the reactivity and uses of Group 7 elements. Students strategically analyse their practicals for any possible errors, they then alter and improve their plans when errors are indicated. Showing true scientific skills of analysis!

A big well done to all of KS4 and 5 students for working extremely hard! Keep up the fantastic work!