It has been a very busy and exciting week in Early Years this week, the children are all very much enjoying their new topics and it has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm in each year group towards their learning!

Pre Nursery
This week Pre-Nursery have been learning the Nursery rhyme ‘Rain, Rain Go Away’. Through this rhyme we have been looking at the weather. Throughout the week we have identified all the different types of weather and we have been using the vocabulary, ‘rain, cloud, sun, wind and snow.’ Outside we looked up into the sky each day to see what the weather was like and answered the question, ‘What is the weather today?’ Pre-Nursery have also been having lots of fun with sounds; using their voices, body, and instruments to create a rain soundscape, from the soft pitter-patter of drizzle to the thundering storm of heavy rain.
Pre-Nursery explored where we can find water around the school and at home and we have been looking at how we use water. Alongside all of this, Pre-Nursery have been dressing up for a rainy day using a raincoat, wellingtons and putting an umbrella up!

This week the children in Nursery enjoyed listening to the story, 'Little Red Riding Hood.' They enjoyed creating their own wolf craft and retold the story using stick puppets in our small world. The children also developed their fine motor skills weaving wool whilst creating their version of Grandma's House!
In Maths we developed the use of the vocabulary related to capacity when making Grandma bowls of delicious soup; the children put their soup into a variety of containers and described when they were 'full' and 'empty.'

This week in Phonics we continued developing our Phonics skills through blending and segmenting words.
During Maths, we had lots of fun developing our knowledge of weight. The children compared the weights of different items in our classroom and used vocabulary such as heavier and lighter to describe their findings. We also measured how many cubes different items weigh and then ordered objects based on this.
In our Topic lessons, we continued to learn about Dinosaurs, the children developed their understanding of herbivores and carnivores and also created their own dinosaur footprint pictures. We finished making our own dinosaur eggs and can’t wait for them to hatch!