Year 1 were little explorers earlier this week and had great fun interviewing two famous explorers; Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen about their race to the South Pole. The children asked some great questions about how and why they did the race and how they kept warm. As well as wanting to know whether they missed their family and what games they played! It was a fun day for all and it has been very impressive to see and hear how much the children have already learnt. Year 1 are now even more excited and enthusiastic to learn more about various explorers over the course of this term.

Meanwhile, a range of engaging lessons have of course been taking place elsewhere in Primary: Year 2 have been busy deepening their knowledge about the layers of the earth and even had fun creating individual models to show the structure. Year 3 have been investigating reflected light and colours in Science, using prisms to bend the white light and mirrors to investigate reflections.

Year 4 have been identifying features of a playscript and enjoyed acting a scene from ‘James and the Giant Peach’. While Year 5 have been exploring the underlying themes in their studied text and also begun to write their own introductions with a focus on descriptive language as well as relative clauses and pronouns.

Finally, Year 6 mathematicians have been learning about decimals and percentages to link with their previous work on fractions with the aim that they should be able to confidently solve questions and problems involving them and compare them.