The Winter season has drawn upon us and the weather has become noticeably colder. In EYFS, even in the colder weather we love to continue to experience and explore in our outdoor learning environment.

So that this is possible, please can all parents ensure that their child comes into school with a warm winter coat, hat, scarf, and gloves. Having this appropriate clothing will ensure your child is warm during their outdoor activities.

Do continue to read the exciting learning that has taken place throughout our EYFS this week.


This week Pre-Nursery have been using our listening ears to explore the sense of sound. We have been listening to firework sounds and using our bodies to make different noises. The children have had the opportunity to make firework pictures, create a sound shaker and move like fireworks. Along with this, Pre-Nursery have explored the wider school community on a listening walk, finding what sounds they could hear around the school while identifying new places within our school environment.


This week Nursery have been learning exploring the season of Winter. We have learned some new vocabulary associated with this season and have been discussing what clothes we need to keep us warm during the cold months of Winter.

The changing weather has been a big part of our carpet time language sessions and the children have enjoyed looking out of the window to observe the different weather we have experienced during this week.

The children have been engaging in a lot of free creative mark making this week and some wonderful artwork has been created.


We have been very busy in Reception this week where we have thought about the seasonal changes in our environment. We talked about what we need to keep warm in the Winter when playing outside and wrote simple sentences for our friends as a reminder, for example, ‘Put on your hat.’ We also enjoyed exploring the new letter sounds ‘e’ and ‘u’ and making our own cold coloured pictures!

In Maths we have reviewed finding one more and less than a number and created number sentences using snowflakes in the sand, it was lots of fun!

We have also been practicing in preparation for our Winter Concert in a few weeks.