It has been another busy week for the EYFS children. It is wonderful to see the children continue to engage in activities and participate in the weekly challenges.

This week our transport adventure took us up into the sky as Pre-Nursery explored aeroplanes, hot air balloons and helicopters. The children learnt to identify key features of aeroplanes, such as ‘tail, wings, window and engine’ and enjoyed the story ‘Maisy’s Plane’ by Lucy Collins.

There was of investigating as we explored what can fly. In our arts and craft, the children choose colours and materials to create their own ‘Tube Plane’, which they used to fly around, creating large gross motor loops with their arms.

In the story ‘Maisy’s Plane’, Maisy flies to her friend’s birthday party with the plane at the end leaving a birthday message for Eddie the Elephant. Pre-Nursery talked about how old they are and wrote a birthday message by mark making.

This week our adventures took us into the city. Nursery looked at maps of a city and different areas within a community. We explored playgrounds, parks and zoos. Everyone talked about the fun things you can do in these areas.
I wonder where Nursery will visit next on their summer adventure.

This week we continued our topic, ‘Green Fingers’ and talked about plants, especially flowers. We discovered their properties through the story, ‘The Little Gardener’ and looked at how plants grow. The children learned about parts of the flower and labelled them in various activities. In PSEH, we read the story ‘The Selfish Crocodile’ and looked at the value of sharing amongst people around us.

In Phonics this week we learnt the sounds ‘ar’ and ‘or’ and new vocabulary with these sounds. We reviewed the Phase 3 tricky words and played games to reenforce their knowledge. The children are encouraged to write words and sentences using the sounds they have learnt so far. We encourage reading to support their overall literacy.

In Maths, we looked at different ways of gathering data. The children enjoyed naming their favourite fruits and colours and collecting that information to produce a pictogram. We then transferred that data to make a bar chart. Lastly, they learned to make a tally chart by asking their mummies and daddies what their favourite colour and fruit was and recording it.

We thank you for your continuous support. The children have all progressed through your dedication and care.

This week the students have been busy completing various assessments to demonstrate their learning and understanding from across the year. All teachers have remarked how incredibly proud and impressed they are with the children’s perseverance and efforts, so a huge well done to all! I look forward to seeing the results and the incredible progress that our children have achieved too. As a relief from the hard work and concentration, during this week’s assemblies we celebrated and shared some of the wonderful talents that our students possess. We saw impressive magic tricks, dances, piano playing, singing, artwork and even cake decorating! Inspired by these talents, we already have more students eager to share their talents next week.

It has been an incredibly busy term for the Britannica Mathematicians. Particular credit needs to go to those in Years 11, 12 and 13, who persevered through some unusual examination circumstances. As with all of their other subjects they conducted themselves in an exemplary manner at all times, and can now take a well earned break after their strenuous efforts of the last few months. Meanwhile the rest of the Secondary school looks ahead to their own examinations next week, providing an insight into the tremendous progress they have all made over the course of this year. On behalf of the Mathematics department, I would like to congratulate all students for their effort, and we look forward to seeing you again soon to enjoy some more challenging sums.