Britannica International truly recognises the importance of sports in education. A significant element of life at Britannica is to embed a holistic educational experience for our students. While sports in education primarily provide students with clear health benefits and a sense of enjoyment, research has shown that social and emotional development, self-esteem, perseverance and resilience also develop significantly. A positive correlation between sports and academic performance is also heavily endorsed by educational experts. Throughout this Autumn Term our Britannica Knights sports squads and coaches have been training regularly and in recent weeks have played a number of competitive matches in Football, Swimming and Ultimate Frisbee. Over the past few weeks our Britannica Knights have celebrated victories against Dulwich College, SAS, WISS, YCIS and YK Pao. A special congratulations must go to our Secondary Britannica Knights Football team who are undefeated after six matches. There are still several matches to be played this term in multiple sports and we wish our squads all the best. Let’s go Knights!!!