In the last two weeks, the Year 6 Native Chinese class has been studying the story Jiang Xiang He 将相和  from Shi Ji 史记 (a well-known biographical history book written by Si Ma Qian over 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty). During their learning, students have increased their knowledge about classical writing and developed a keen interest in Chinese history. They then worked in groups to adapt the story into a mini play and performed it! Based on their understanding of the story and the characters, students wrote the dialogue for each role in modern Chinese language and endeavoured to act out the personality of the characters through their tones and movements when performing. Teachers were delighted to see that students not only had great fun, but also demonstrated solid understanding, good language skills, creativity and collaboration skills.

Meanwhile, students in the KS3 non-native level 4 group have been working on a public speech introducing and recommending Britannica to visitors and prospective parents. Students demonstrated their ability to use the advanced words and phrases they have learned to create a formal register needed for a public speech and they took pride in explaining the strengths of our school. It has been a great pleasure to see our non-native students increase their confidence and fluency speaking Mandarin in front of an audience.