This week the children continued their learning journey exploring and developing their understanding of the world around us. The children have been guiding their own learning which promotes a real life-long love for learning.

Pre-Nursery had a wonderful week with Spot the Dog on the Farm this week, continuing their learning about farm animals and the sounds they make. Pre-Nursery have particularly liked learning about spots and stripes and loved creating their own spotty dogs.

Nursery are proceeding onwards with their learning journey, ‘In the Garden,’ and this week we have focused on butterflies. The children have been exploring the symmetrical patterns of butterflies and have been creating these using various materials. Firstly, the children used paints on paper and then folded their paintings in half for their patterns to imprint on the other side, creating some fantastic symmetrical butterflies.

In Maths, Nursery have been matching numbers to corresponding groups of objects as well as attempting to complete symmetrical patterns instead of repeating patterns. This has been a challenge that they have enjoyed.

Reception have continued to develop their phonics and have been applying this in their writing for different purposes, including writing in character based on our class story of Meerkats in a Savannah. We used this story as a basis for comparing the differences and similarities between places in our world and the children created some wonderful landscapes using loose parts and painted some beautiful pictures of an African Sunset. In Maths we consolidated our understanding of money, using coins to make different totals.