At Britannica, we believe in empowering our students and fostering a sense of responsibility among them. This current term, we are enabling our students to have a voice through the student council. The student council consists of elected representatives from each form class, who provide valuable input and feedback to improve school life and enhance the learning experience for all students.

We are excited to announce that the voting process for the student council representatives is complete. Through this process, our students have not only learnt about the democratic process, but they have also had the opportunity to choose their own peer to represent their interests on the council.

Primary Student Council 2023-24

1A – Shohei Utsurogi

1B – Seong Hu Lee

1C – Sophia Xia

2A – May Yann Siew

2B – Irene Kim

2C – Kaho Minamigawa

3A – Jein Park

3B – Daniel Yarden

3C – Winnie Lu

4A – Angus Fraser

4B – Sophia Hu

4C – Chole Wang

5A – Roy Lee

5B – Lianna Esposito

In addition to the student council, we launched the house competition during this weeks assembly. This competition promotes teamwork, healthy competition, and develops a sense of belonging within our four houses: Blue Lions, Yellow Tigers, Red Phoenix, and Green Dragons. Students will have the chance to showcase their skills and contribute to their respective house's success through various activities and challenges throughout the year.

Primary House Captains 2023-24 (Year 5)

Blue Lions – Tiffany Yu and Oscar Wu

Yellow Tigers – Cecilia Cheng and Tewhano Huang

Green Dragons – Josy Ye and Leo Kwon

Red Phoenix – Sherry Gao and Saif Alnaqbi

Moreover, we would like to introduce the extra roles available to our primary students. These roles, such as librarians and toy monitors, give our children the chance to develop responsibility, organisational skills, and leadership qualities. These additional responsibilities help them become confident, independent learners, and foster a sense of community within our school.

Encouraging leadership skills among our primary students is of utmost importance to us at Britannica. We believe that by offering meaningful opportunities for our children to take on responsible roles, we are cultivating a generation of confident and capable leaders.