This week the children immersed themselves into Storytelling Week where they used actions to retell rhymes and stories. Today we performed these, as a class, to the children in Key Stage 1.

The children have enjoyed visiting our Book Fair this week and looked wonderful yesterday as they dressed as their favourite book character.


Pre-Nursery have had a brilliant storytelling week learning the Nursery Rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty,’ using actions and props to help support them. Pre-Nursery have been looking at Humpty’s emotions as he falls off the wall. Is he happy? Is he sad? They also talked about how they were feeling every day. They built him a safe place to stay where he will not crack, just like a bird has a nest for its eggs.

During play Pre-Nursery have been constructing walls on a large scale, knocking down walls so Humpty falls off and investigating the art of egg rolling. We considered: How quickly can an egg roll down a ramp and will it smash? Through this, we have developed our counting skills, as we counted until the egg stopped rolling.

Today Pre-Nursery had a visit from Year 2 who shared their class story with us and we shared our Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme with them.


Nursery have greatly enjoyed Story telling week this week. It has been a week filled with wonderful activities relating to books and characters. The children have read some of their favourite stories from school so far, as well making up their own stories and describing story book characters. The children have even put their words into pictures, by creating different characters and then using these in their play.

It has been fantastic seeing how they have used their imagination and knowledge of stories to engage in these tasks.


Reception were captivated by the theme of the week whilst they retold the story of ‘How Tortoise got his Shell,’ creating their own actions and using lots of expression. During the week, the children have considered how the characters felt at different parts of the story and created group story maps which they will use to innovate their own stories next week.

In Maths we developed our knowledge of 3D shapes, identifying the properties of common shapes and considered how these shapes can be used for different purposes such as building a mountain just like the one from our story! We also learnt a traditional African call and response song and designed a tortoise of our own.