Having successfully come to the end of our first full week back at school, on behalf of the Secondary staff, I would like to send out a big well done to the students for the fantastic start they have made to the new school year. The student's enthusiasm and exemplary behaviour have been a joy to behold, highlighting to us how much we enjoy having them back on campus. The start to any new school year is usually fast paced with plenty of new information to absorb. Again, I am amazed with our student's ability to continually adapt to all situations. This week, students from each form group participated in a selfie competition, in order to work together and get to know each other. They were told that the most original picture would win... Please let us choose the best one by clicking on the link below and picking your favourite.

My thanks to those parents who came into school for the Meet the Teacher event. The Form Tutors play an incredibly important role in the lives of our students, and it is essential that you get to know them. There will be another opportunity next week to meet the wider Secondary staff.