Involving parents in their child’s learning and life at school is extremely important and this week in Primary we were excited to finally invite our first sets of parents to attend our class assemblies and participate in lessons. 3C led a wonderful assembly this morning performing their own poetry with expression and enthusiasm. Whilst in our KS1 assembly yesterday 2A wowed us with their singing, recorded videos and sharing how we can be kind to each other. On Tuesday Year 2 parents came into classes to support their children to produce some beautiful colourful artwork.

Also this week, Year 3 made some delicious smoothies following their instruction writing and using careful measuring techniques. Year 1 have been learning about how animals survive in winter and getting ready for their trip next week. Meanwhile Year 4 have written persuasive letters to Orbital Education about how our school can be more sustainable and Year 5 had fun discovering the effects of precipitation on land with a practical investigation.