Yesterday, we had a wonderful Key Stage One assembly, where our students delighted us with their musical performances. It was a lovely treat and a break away from the GL assessments that have been taking place this week. We enjoyed a range of performances from ‘Hot Cross Buns’ to my personal favourite ‘Don’t worry, be happy”. Students were either singing, drumming, playing the piano, or the ukuleles, and were accompanied by the talented Mr Troy and Mr Muzycka.

The assembly was a great opportunity for the students to express themselves creatively and to share their musical skills with one another, showing how music can bring people together. We now look forward to seeing Key Stage Two’s musical performances in assembly next week.

It should also be acknowledged that during the GL assessments this week, the students have shown great determination and ambition, as they tackled challenging questions and applied their skills and knowledge. The results of the GL assessments will help us to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. As well as help us to monitor their progress over time and compare their performance with national and international benchmarks.

We are very proud of our Primary students for their hard work and achievements.