Learning using curiosity is a powerful tool for children. In the Early Years at Britannica, we actively encourage children to ask questions and explore, igniting their curiosity and eagerness to learn.

Pre- Nursery

This week we have been learning the rhyme ‘3 Blind Mice’ and reading the story Maisy Mouse. Our main focuses of the week have been the number 3 and shapes. Pre-Nursery have enjoyed making mice from different 2D shapes and using different media to make the number 3.

There has been lots of opportunities for Pre-Nursery to develop their fine motor skills this week as they learnt how to cut using different cutting tools, such as plastic knives, plastic scissors and play dough.

In Physical Development, we have been focusing on being those little three blind mice by exploring running and even tried a simple obstacle course. We finished the week stretching and learning the ‘mouse’ yoga pose.


This week in Nursery we have been exploring rhyming words and some simple addition and subtractions activities. To discover rhymes, Nursery have been singing ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty.’ Nursery have learnt a lot of new vocabulary from these and are starting to understand the concept of rhymes.

Nursery have also been learning about the life cycle of a frog. They found all the changes that occurs with this very interesting and can name all the stages of the cycle.


We began the week by reading our story of the week, ‘Cave Baby,’ by Julia Donaldson. This story talks about a little boy who goes on an adventure with some animals to paint caves and have fun! The children engaged with the story and answered questions, shared their observations and made up their own endings. They drew their own funny cave animals and wrote sentences about how Cave Baby must have felt. They continued to practice their phonics, blending and writing captions.

Throughout the week we have been working with capacity, learning the vocabulary associated with it and experimenting the quantities different sized containers can hold.

We very much look forward to the Early Years Easter Bonnet Parade next Friday!