Physical Education in Primary started off well this year. With many old and new faces in our classes, we were delighted to welcome everyone back after the holiday. The enthusiasm students arrive with before lessons have been admirable and as the PE department, it has not gone unnoticed. This term we are focusing on getting and keeping the students engaged throughout the PE lessons. Many students grew and developed a lot over the holiday, and it is great to see how this has positively impacted their skill levels in certain areas regarding PE. The first six weeks of PE topics in primary covered Swimming, Invasion Games, Gymnastics and Target Games. This will rotate between classes as we move into the next 6-week block soon. As a PE Department, we set high expectations for our lessons to ensure that students grow into well rounded athletes whilst enjoying it at the same time. We are looking forward to the rest of the academic year and seeing more physical development regarding skill, agility, and balance.