Music at Britannica has been propelled forwards this term with the successful introduction of our 1-on-1 instrumental program. Many of our younger pupils are now taking lessons on violin, piano, ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, clarinet and saxophone, and we are delighted to be creating a new generation of instrumentalists for school orchestras and ensembles of the future. The music department is looking to add some extra instruments options next term, and information about how to sign up for next term’s classes will be sent home in the coming weeks.

On stage this term we have already had many standout performances from primary and secondary students. Our talented young musicians showed off their skills at the Eco-Art Exhibition and the Pumpkin Palooza, as well as performing at open days for new parents and at our termly music assemblies. There is no shortcut to becoming a confident stage performer and it is wonderful to see so many students taking their first steps. These experiences often push pupils out of their comfort zone, building resilience and adaptability.

With Christmas around the corner, our students are excited to be working on their class performances. One marker of the development of school music is the number of students who will be performing instrumentally during the concert this year, supporting their classmates on stage. We are very much looking forward to this year’s shows and we hope to see as many of you as possible at the upcoming Winter Concerts.