Educational field trips are an important part of a student’s learning experience and we have been so pleased that this term we have finally been able to send our students to participate in some exciting day trips again.

This week Year 4 were very excited to be going on their class trip to the Zotter Chocolate Factory. They have been researching sustainability in their Topic lessons and how they can make the Earth a cleaner, healthier planet. On the trip the children learned all about the journey of the chocolate, from cocoa bean to bar. They watched a video about the life of the farmers that grow the plant without chemicals and how the Zotter company makes sure everything is done in the best interest of everyone using Fair Trade. Needless to say, the best part of the trip for the students was getting to taste all the different flavours of chocolate. Another highlight for Year 4 was having the opportunity to make their very own chocolate bars, choosing their flavour chocolate and toppings.

Year 5 have also recently enjoyed visiting the Shanghai Planetarium with a wide variety of exhibits to look at and discover. Exploring the moon, earth and even getting to go inside a spaceship shuttle was a true highlight with many ‘Wow’s’ and ‘Ooooh’ moments- they even met Einstein!

It has also been wonderful to hear very positive feedback on how our students so positively represented Britannica!