Over the last five weeks, Britannica students across the school have continued Mandarin study with their teachers. We would like to take the chance to share some brilliant examples of Mandarin e-learning from different year groups.

EYFS Mandarin E-Learning

EYFS children are having fun learning with their Mandarin teachers through interactive activities. Here is an e-lesson for Nursery children on the topic of Weather.

Primary Mandarin E-Learning
Primary students keep practising their Mandarin on a daily basis, following teachers’ instruction to keep their skills sharp.

The video clip features Min Joo (2A) who is talking about her school life - what she does in school and during break time.

Minmin (3B) is talking about her family using the new words and sentences she has learned.

Secondary Mandarin E-Learning

Secondary students have continued to have their Mandarin e-lessons on CANVAS. Here is a clip of an e-lesson for the beginning-level students to learn the time expression.

Sentence Writing Practice from the Native Groups